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"Jim Knight is one of the wise men of coaching. His well is deep; he draws from it the best tools from practitioners, the wisdom of experience, and research-based insights. And he never loses sight of the bigger picture: the point of all this is to have more impact in this life we're lucky enough to live."—MICHAEL BUNGAY STANIER, Author of The Coaching Habit"Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance. Jim Knight’s work has helped me understand the details of how effective coaching can and should be done."—DR. ATUL GAWANDE, surgeon, public health researcher, and author of The Checklist ManifestoIdentify . . . Learn . . . ImproveWhen it comes to improving practice, few professional texts can rival the impact felt by Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching. For hundreds of thousands of educators, Jim bridged the long-standing divide between staff room and classroom offering up a much a more collaborative, respectful, and efficient PD model for achieving instructional excellence.Now, one decade of research and hundreds of in-services later, Jim takes that work a significant step further with The Impact Cycle: an all-new instructional coaching cycle to help teachers and, in turn, their students improve in clear, measurable ways.Quintessential Jim, The Impact Cycle comes loaded with every possible tool to help you reach your coaching goals, starting with a comprehensive video program, robust checklists, and a model Instructional Playbook. Quickly, you’ll learn how toInteract and dialogue with teachers as partnersGuide teachers to identify emotionally compelling, measurable, and student-focused goalsSet coaching goals, plan strategies, and monitor progress for optimal impactUse documentary-style video and text-based case studies as models to promote maximum teacher clarity and proactive problem solvingStreamline teacher enrollment, data collection, and deep listeningJim writes, “When we grow, improve, and learn, when we strive to become a better version of ourselves, we tap into something deep in ourselves that craves that kind of growth.” Read The Impact Cycle and soon you’ll discover how you can continually refine your practice to help teachers and students realize their fullest potential.View Jim Knight’s Impact Cycle video trailer:

The emphasis on effective partnerships with shared responsibility and ownership combined with a goal-oriented coaching cycle results in lasting and meaningful changes for ... Designed around the key themes of Dr Knight's 2018 book, The Impact Cycle: What Instructional Coaches Should Do to Foster Powerful Improvements in Teaching, the aim of this programme is to support educators in establishing coaching cycles that lead to improved teaching, and student learning. "The Impact Cycle is an essential read for instructional coaches. It is organized to take the reader through each stage of an impact cycle, providing a vision for how to coach for a deeper impact.

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