The Glass Painter's Method

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Williams & Byrne
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 Watch the trailer here.This book will serve you well if:You’re new to traditional stained glass painting and are uncertain which brushes, paints and tools to buy – this book will tell you what you want to know. The accompanying 12 free online videos will also introduce you to the key techniques.You’ve painted stained glass for a while but still worry “Is it my lack of skill which is the problem, or is it my brushes, paints and tools which stop me achieving the results I want?” – this book will guide you to the answer. And the 17 free designs will give you an excellent resource with which to practise.You’re a teacher who wants your students to experience the joy of mastering this wonderful craft – this book will show you the smallest, most effective set of brushes, paints and tools to place before them so they can triumph.From designers and painters Williams & Byrne, and featuring entries from the journal of the forgotten Victorian craftsman Nathaniel Somers, this book will demonstrate how few possessions you really need to paint stained glass. This is Book 1 of The Glass Painter’s Method.

We also talk about the wider issues. A "talbot ... Buy The Glass Painter's Method: Brushes, Paints & Tools (Glass Painter's Method) from

It covers the essentials of glass painting in a simple, comprehensive way that demystifies the process and makes it easy to understand and follow. An absolute must for any stained glass artist's library." From the Publisher.