Effective Teaching

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Daniel Muijs, David Reynolds
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This new edition of the popular textbook digs into the research behind different aspects of teaching in order to give students an informed understanding of what underpins high quality teaching. It explores what the evidence shows about the effectiveness of different approaches, drawing from a variety of educational schools of thought. New to this edition:enhanced discussion of what we can learn from cognitive science researchnew chapters on metacognition and thinking skills, teacher subject knowledge, evaluating teacher performance, and international comparisons on teachingnew Further Reading and Think Point features encouraging critical engagement with key research findings.This is essential reading for all students on initial teacher education courses including undergraduate, postgraduate, School Direct, Teach First and employment-based routes into teaching, and also qualified teachers wanting to deepen their understanding of educational research.

The most important single factor that influences learning is what the learner already knows (Ausubel, 1968). Effective teachers also ... Personal qualities of an effective teacher include: Empathy - you must empathise with your pupils' attitudes and learning styles in order to teach effectively Ambition - drive is a vital part of being a teacher.

This involves giving... The Kentucky Department of Education worked in teams to develop Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning as supports focused on the instructional core. heart of effective schools. Collaboration builds collective responsibility for constantly improving teaching practice and so student learning.