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Dr. Jim Knight
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An innovative professional development strategy that facilitates change, improves instruction, and transforms school culture! Instructional coaching is a research-based, job-embedded approach to instructional intervention that provides the assistance and encouragement necessary to implement school improvement programs. Experienced trainer and researcher Jim Knight describes the "nuts and bolts" of instructional coaching and explains the essential skills that instructional coaches need, including getting teachers on board, providing model lessons, and engaging in reflective conversations. Each user-friendly chapter includes:First-person stories from successful coachesSidebars highlighting important informationA "Going Deeper" section of suggested resourcesReady-to-use forms, worksheets, checklists, logs, and reports

The goal of an instructional coach is to improve student achievement. An instructional coach is ... Instructional Coaching provides intensive, differentiated support to teachers so that they are able to implement proven practices.

There needs to be room for communication, expression of concerns and ... If the school has additional roles within its structure such as an Instructional Coach or Teacher Development Coach, these people would have a role to play at the teacher to teacher level. They provide the instructional expertise and input for the teacher and would ideally be a strategy identified by the teacher, within their performance agreement.