Improving Students' Writing, K-8

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Joan M. Taylor, Diane Barone
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"Purposeful, realistic . . . and clearly written....the book renews my excitement for teaching writing, and for new teachers, the text offers suggestions from a voice of experience-all within the framework of NCLB legislation for differentiating teaching based on learners' needs." -Julia Weinberg, Instructor University of Nevada, Reno Give students the power to express their thinking in writing and to use writing as a process for learning! How can we improve students' ability to write "constructed response" to high stakes content area test items? How can we open for them the writing pathway to exploring and understanding informational texts? How can we help them develop the essential traits of proficient writing? Nationally recognized experts in literacy with experience in elementary, middle school, and university classrooms as well as consulting expertise, Barone and Taylor meld theoretical and practical considerations about writing instruction to explain how to teach each child to:Self-monitor to improve writing skills Grow in ability to write successful constructed response Use writing to process and stretch their own thinking Prepare for high stakes writing assessmentImproving Students' Writing, K-8 brings together real-life examples, rubrics, reproducible aids and how-to's for getting the most out of your writers.

Inspection copy update April 2020 Second, the author emphasizes the use of technology to facilitate all stages of writing and to help students access, retrieve, interpret and apply information to enhance what they write. In the words of Linda Gambrell, former President of the International Reading Association, "this text is a pleasure to read and it is filled with valuable ideas for improving writing instruction.

She had students with a great capacity to speak and ... Get this from a library! Improving students' writing, K-8 : from meaning-making to high stakes!. [Diane M Barone; Joan Taylor] Improve student writing with a free sentence starters chart! Send it to me! Help 1st-graders improve their writing skills! Find out more! Search.