Simon the Coldheart

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Georgette Heyer
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A valiant orphan rises to knighthood—and finds love with an enemy—in this historical romance of chivalry and adventure during the Hundred Years' War. At the dawn of the fifteenth century, England is locked in a bitter war with France. Simon, the illegitimate son of Geoffrey of Malvallet, finds a home in the service of the Earl of Montlice. Distinguishing himself on the field of battle, Simon rises through the ranks until he becomes a friend to the Prince of Wales himself. But Simon's true test will come when he is sent to overtake the French territory of Belremy. Though Simon conquers the city, the castle proves difficult to penetrate. Coming face-to-face with the beautiful and defiant Lady Margaret, Simon sees in this bold enemy a spirit to match his own. But can he convince this woman of his love when she would sooner die than surrender?

About the Author. Author of over fifty books, Georgette Heyer is the ... Overview When we meet Simon of Beauvallet he is a 14 year old boy, the year is 1400, and the 100 year war is raging.

Later, friend and foe alike will know better than to cross the flaxen-haired mountain of a man whose exploits in battle have earned him knighthood, lands and gilded armour. Buy Simon the Coldheart by Georgette Heyer, HardCover format, from the Dymocks online bookstore. Simon Beauvallet was born in 1386, the illegitimate son of Geoffrey of Malvallet. After his mother's death in 1400, he and his half-brother, the legitimate son and heir of his father, became great friends of the Prince, fighting against France.