My One And Only

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Layla Hagen
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Tess Winchester loves her life. Her family is growing with new nieces and nephews for her to spoil. And her lingerie business is really taking off, so in order to keep up with demand she needs more capital. Though Tess had always dreamed about finding Mr. Right, and having a family of her own, dating hasn't been easy so working extra hours is never a problem. When an opportunity of a lifetime arises, Tess jumps at the chance to present to the CEO of Harrington & Co, New York's hottest investment firm. She's determined to make the right impression, but when Liam accidently walks in the ladies room during a wardrobe malfunction, things get off to an... interesting start. Tess isn't Liam's type, they're too different: She's a romantic. He's a realist. She's a dreamer. He's a practical man and doesn't believe in love. Besides, if they're going to sign a deal, it's best not to mix business with pleasure. Despite their differences, Liam finds himself doing anything in his power to win her over. She's captivating, and he won't back down until they explore the connection that keeps him on his toes. He can't get enough of her sassy mouth, her tenacity, and the tenderness that encounters him at every turn. Her blushes drive him crazy. Liam wants Tess. And Liam always gets what Liam wants.

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Lil Tjay - LYRICS; Now I know That I know not a thing at all 'Cept the fact that I am yours And that you are mine. Ohhh They told me that this wouldn't be easy And no I'm not one ... I Love You, My One and Only (I love you 私の君 I love you Watashi no Kimi?) is the song used in Remix 8 in Rhythm Heaven Fever.