The Girl In The Skip Bin

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Bob MacDonald
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It is the year of 1965 and Detective Sergeant Earp of the West Australian Police Force's CIB Branch finds himself banished to a dingy office, shuffling papers during the day and drinking to excess during the night. Earp's fall from grace came to fruition on account of an unfaithful partner and his practice of not doing things by the book when carrying out investigations. His downward slide cumulated when his wife abandoned him for the allure of a younger man. That she'd taken off with another, unfazed him but her actions of taking their two young children with her, caused him no end of angst. Despondency was on the verge of capturing control of his soul when the superintendent in charge of the branch, and with being a life saviour, came up with a proposal he couldn't refuse. The offer saw him promoted to the rank of Detective Inspector; together with the post of OIC of the Armadale's CIB office. The superintendent made no bones of the matter that no-one else had applied or been ready to accept the position. Armadale, being a low socio-economic suburb, was well known for its high crime rate and low-class Government Housing Authority homes. The sprawling estates housed many single mothers who in turn attracted past violent partners. The neighbourhood had rightfully earned the title of being the domestic violence hub of the region. Needless to say, it did not feature prominently in the 'places to be' list for budding detectives. Read how Earp comes to grips with troublesome staff and an ex-wife and her demands for extra money by way of spouse and child support. No sooner has he settled in when a young black girl's body turns up in a skip bin behind a local hotel. An investigation into the death, which proved to be a murder, reveals the victim to be an aboriginal girl from Central Australia.

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