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T.J. Mitchell, Judy Melinek
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When an earthquake strikes San Francisco, forensics expert Jessie Teska faces her biggest threat yet in this explosive new mystery from the New York Times bestselling authors of Working Stiff At first glance, the death appears to be an accident. The body, located on a construction site, rests under a collapsed beam. But when Dr. Jessie Teska arrives on the scene, she notices the telltale signs of a staged death. The victim has been murdered. A rising star in the San Francisco forensics world, Jessie is ready to unravel the case, help bring the murderer to justice and prevent them from potentially striking again. But when a major earthquake hits San Francisco right before Halloween, Jessie and the rest of the city are left reeling. And even if she emerges from the rubble, there's no guaranteeing she'll make it out alive. With Melinek and Mitchell's trademark blend of propulsive prose, deft plotting and mordant humor, this electrifying new installment in the Jessie Teska Mystery series offers the highest stakes yet.

countable noun Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes which occur after a large earthquake. 2.

Aftershock begins with Medical Examiner Jessie Teska, our heroine, called in the middle of the night to investigate a dead body at a construction site. The body lies under pipes that had dropped from a collapsed beam ... Aftershock is the 21st studio album by Motörhead.Originally expected to be released in mid-2013, it was released separately on 18 October in Germany, on 21 October in the rest of Europe, and on 22 October in North America and the rest of the world. A powerful aftershock with magnitude 5.9 has caused additional damage in central Greece a day after an earthquake shook hundreds of homes in the same area.