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Dr. Peter Hammond
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What About Hypocrites in the Church? How can a Good God Allow Evil? Why Does God Not Stop All the Suffering? How Do You Know There is a God? Isn't Religion Just a Crutch for the Weak? But Aren't All Religions the Same? How Can a Loving God Send Anyone to Hell? What about the Inquisition? These are just some of the subjects Dr. Peter Hammond covers in his new book. "We live in an age of skepticism, where there is a revival of the foolishness of atheism. The atheist creates a god from the characteristics he finds unattractive 'The God of the Bible is a judgmental, homophobic, unloving, wrath-filled, merciless tyrant. If that's your God of love, I want nothing to do with him!' But the god he doesn't believe in doesn't exist! He is a figment of human imagination. Atheists try to hide from God. But not all skeptics are hardened atheists. Some are prepared to think and listen. It is to these that Peter Hammond writes." From the Introduction by Ray Comfort of Way of the Master "Answering Skeptics may become another classic by Peter Hammond. A 'must read' for Christians. Skeptics, atheists and secular humanists are on the march with a new militancy. There are more godless groups in the world than ever before. Peter Hammond's book is designed to meet these skeptics head-on." From the Foreword by Rev. Erlo Stegen of KwaSizabantu Mission

It's easier than you may think to make intelligent replies... . Answering Skeptics book.

I could tell in my conversations with him that he was skeptical about my claims of a downward manipulation in the price of silver ... July 22, 2013 Answering Skeptics, Uncategorized kjvbiblebeliever. Jesus Christ fulfilled 300 prophecies and types.