Death by Intermission

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Alexis Morgan
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Abby McCree spends a summer showing family films under the stars-only to end the season with an unexpected slasher flick . . . Ushered once again onto another committee by the mayor of Snowberry Creek, Washington, Abby is tasked with keeping the box office receipts of the town's Movies in the Park nights. Cut to the director's chair from where she's suddenly organizing the summer's last feature. From the opening scene through the final credits, Abby feels she's earned nominations for best volunteer, best movie date with her tenant Tripp Blackston-and best daughter for ignoring her mother Phoebe's own movie date with Owen Quinn. Unfortunately, Abby and the others are treated to a post-credits scene: the body of local insurance agent Mitchell Anders. This discovery is followed by a plot twist revealing that the murder weapon comes from Owen's food truck. With her mother's boyfriend suspected of murder, Abby starts her own investigation determined to shine a spotlight on the real killer . . .

I loved the addition of Owen and Abby's mom which added ... 100 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Nov 30-Dec 14, 2020.

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