The Universe Is Talking to You

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The universe is always communicating with you—whether in the form of angels, guides, and signs from loved ones in spirit or with amazing synchronicities.This book shows you how to decipher the messages the universe is giving you and helps you reaffirm your faith, live with more joy, and experience life as a series of wondrous miracles. Join author Tammy Mastroberte as she shares a powerful five-step process and hands-on tips for opening your awareness so you can receive the signs being sent, recognize the synchronicities guiding you, and reach a higher vibration that resonates with the universe and the spirit realm. These simple techniques connect you with powerful energies that provide direction when you are lost, encouragement when you are on the right track, and reassurance that everything in life serves a greater purpose.This book also shows how to work with meditation, intentionality, prayers, tapping, and crystals to support your communication with loved ones and receive proof positive that you are never alone.About the AuthorTammy Mastroberte is the founder of Elevated Existence LLC and the publisher of the Clarion and Folio Award–winning Elevated Existence Magazine. She regularly hosts online and in-person workshops and releases weekly YouTube videos teaching a range of body, mind, spirit topics. Tammy was a featured expert in the films Dream Big and The Truth About Prosperity, and she has been a guest on a number of radio shows, including the Suzanne Northrup Show and Awakenings. Tammy lives in Warren, New Jersey.

Our relationship with the things we possess is strong; we see ourselves and our lives among the objects we live with and around. So it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that the universe may send messages through these tokens.

Another barrier to communication with the Universe is the "monkey mind" - or busy mind - of people. 4. You just have a knowing.