Kindred in Death

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J.D. Robb
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The new and reissued J. D. Robb classic from the 'In Death' series, in which Eve Dallas is given one of her most dangerous assignments yet, to track down a killer hell-bent on revenge.She was just an instrument. A weapon. He wanted it to be in that house, inside the house where the cop believed his little girl would always be safe.A phone call from up high interrupts Eve's plans to have a lazy day with her roguish husband Roarke: The teenage daughter of Captain Jonah McMasters, head of the NYPD drug squad, has been found raped and strangled.A terrifying video of Deena, bloody and beaten beyond recognition, suggests a link to a criminal in her father's past, but Eve is getting nowhere - until another murder, and another video, reveals the killer's deadly intent: merciless retribution in the cruellest way possible.Eve and her team must race against the clock to identify the next victim of a killer who will stop at nothing. . .

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