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Sandra Antonelli
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The smart-talking, quip-cracking, pop-culture addicted author of A Basic Renovation is back with a new romance for grown ups...By day, Willa Heston is a mild-mannered Quantum Physicist; by night, she's on the trail of stolen classified documents. Technically that means Detective John Tilbrook is on her side, only Willa has secrets she's not sharing. Though she keeps her distance, John is fascinated by the new physicist on the block. A fan of coincidence and happy endings, John has plans for the secretive scientist with the wicked sense of humour. Trouble is, Willa has more than her heart on the line -- her best friend is the prime suspect for espionage, she's leading a double life and she's having one hell of a bad hair day. As days speed past, Willa's life unravels as she struggles to come to terms with her unexpected feelings for a man she just met. John's a big fan of happily-ever-afters, but will he believe in love and happiness when Willa divulges the real reason she's in town? Will he break the law he's sworn to uphold -- for love?About the AuthorI write quirky romance novels for grown ups & smart asses, which, despite the "grown up" bit, means I have a juvenile sense of humour and a penchant for wisecracks. I was raised in Europe, the USA, and Australia. I am skilled at folding fitted sheets, excel at Trivial Pursuit, and adore peanut butter, coffee, and rat terriers.My first novel, A Basic Renovation, is a romantic comedy about home renovation, lies, and mushroom clouds. If you're curious about mushroom clouds bit, the story is set in the tiny town of Los Alamos New Mexico, the Atomic City and home to the Manhattan Project in the 1940s.For Your Eyes Only, also takes place in Los Alamos. A romantic comedy with a little mystery twist, For Your Eyes Only features peanut butter and characters from A Basic Renovation.

For Your Eyes Only. Adult Entertainment Service in Petawawa, Ontario.

The screenplay by Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson takes its characters and combines the plots from two short stories ... For Your Eyes Only is a collection of short stories by the British author Ian Fleming, featuring the fictional British Secret Service agent Commander James Bond.