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Siobhan MacDonald
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Guilty is a gripping psychological suspense set in County Clare, Ireland, perfect for fans of Dervla McTiernan and Andrea Carter. Siobhan MacDonald is the ebook-bestselling author of Twisted River and The Blue Pool.The perfect lifeDoctor Luke Forde has the perfect life. A respected cardiologist, he has a rewarding job, a successful wife, and a daughter, Nina. From their beautiful house overlooking Carberry Lough in County Clare, they present a portrait of family bliss. But over the course of a weekend, Luke's life spirals into chaos.A guilty secretIt begins with the word 'guilty' painted on his boathouse one morning. Then he notices a chilling notice in the local newspaper announcing a death. When this is followed by the delivery of a small coffin-shaped package with a decapitated, bloody effigy, Luke is terrified. Someone knows the dark secret he is hiding. And someone is out to get him.Somebody wants revengeLuke begins to be plagued by horrifying anonymous messages, and it transpires that it's not only him the sender is intending to harm - it's his daughter too. With strange things happening in the operating theatre, Alison's political ambitions straining their marriage, and Nina's behaviour sparking all sorts of trouble, Luke turns to therapist Terence Black. Is the therapist the only one that can save Luke and his family from the horrendous secrets of the past?A twisty and compelling psychological suspense novel set in Ireland, from ebook-bestselling author Siobhan MacDonald. Perfect for fans of Dervla McTiernan and Andrea Carter.About the AuthorSiobhan MacDonald was born in Cork in the Republic of Ireland. She studied engineering at University College Galway and pursued a successful career writing for the technology sector in Scotland for ten years, then in France before returning to Ireland.Growing up in a large Irish family, there was a premium attached to being able to tell a good story. Siobhan's mother taught speech and drama and was a proficient storyteller herself, a talent she encouraged in all her children.After many years writing short stories and articles, Siobhan published her first novel Twisted River in 2016. Siobhan followed this up with her second novel, The Blue Pool. Twisted River won an Earphone AudioFile award in 2016 and The Blue Pool has been a top #10 bestseller in the Australian Kindle chart. Guilty is her first novel for Constable, Little, Brown.Siobhan lives in Limerick, Ireland with her husband and two sons.

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