Why French Women Feel Young at 50

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Mylene Desclaux
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Parisian blogger Mylene Desclaux assures us that we are still 'young women' in our fifties - but with more opportunities. She examines everything with humour and sensitivity - love, style, parents, children, work, nightclubs...In this witty and uplifting book Parisian blogger Mylene Desclaux speaks tenderly and honestly about turning 50 and what it means for herself and for the other women in her entourage. Mylene assures us that we are still 'young women' in our fifties - but with more opportunities.'By the time we're fifty, we've generally done all the important things - career, family. Now we can re-centre and discover a new energy within ourselves. It's our time to blossom - to reprogramme gently. To revitalise. We realise that we are the mistresses of our own lives . . . The desire to do battle disappears. We feel calm. And we know we're going to have time to make the most of it.'With acerbic French humour she distils the essence of getting the most out of your middle age and gives advice on everything from:RelationshipsSexFashionDatingSkincareFriendshipsKidsBeautyIn Why French Women Feel Young at 50 you will learn how to take pleasure from the simple things in life and how to make the most of your fifties, the Parisian way.About the AuthorMylene Desclaux has run a successful advertising agency, launched a blog (Happyquinqua.com) and written a book (this one!) She now produces content for brands, mentors young entrepreneurs and is currently working on a second book.

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