Wattle Creek

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Fiona McCallum
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Damien McAllister is a man on the brink. Spending long, hard days ona farm he has no affection for, and nights ignoring the criticisms of hismother, Damien can no longer remember what he's living for. But ina small town like Wattle Creek, there are few people to turn to -- andDamien learned long ago to keep his problems to himself. Until Jacqueline Havelock, a young psychologist escaping her ownissues, arrives fresh from the city and makes Damien questioneverything he has known about himself...also igniting a spark in hislonely heart. Soon Damien is daring to ask for more than an ordinary life, and canglimpse the possibility of happiness. Will this accidentalfarmer dare to fulfil the long-forgotten legacy of hisfather and find peace in the arms of the doctor? Or will the ghosts of their pasts threaten the fragilenew lives they've just begun to build?

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