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Eickhel Mendoza
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A comprehensive guide to developing tailor-made smart business solutions using the impressive capabilities of Power Apps, including Canvas and model-driven apps, and Power Apps Component Framework Key FeaturesImprove business operations by creating impactful Power Apps solutions with real-world use cases and practical recipes Explore a variety of built-in templates to create custom apps for specific business scenarios Discover the power of the low-code approach and ease of business application development using Power AppsBook Description Microsoft Power Apps provides a powerful, low-code solution for application development, empowering non-technical users to create robust, practical solutions in no time. This book will help you create a wide range of custom business solutions using the ease of development that Power Apps provides to enable you to overcome the challenges you face in business application development. You'll start by getting to grips with the Power Apps studio tool and finding out how Canvas helps to build pixel-perfect applications as per business needs. The book then covers the practicalities involved in designing model-driven Power Apps and teaches you how to automate business processes using Power Automate. You'll also discover how to improve user experience (UX) to make applications more appealing. As you advance, you'll learn how to strengthen your business apps by using AI Builder's artificial intelligence capabilities. Finally, you'll explore advanced troubleshooting techniques to find creative ways to overcome various challenges in your Power Apps solutions. The book concludes with Power Apps Component Framework to help you further improve the existing applications' capabilities. By the end of this Power Apps book, you'll have gained experience in developing applications using the Power Apps platform and its features. What you will learnBuild pixel-perfect solutions with Canvas Power Apps Design model-driven Power Apps using various features of Common Data Service Automate business workflows such as triggered events, status change notifications, and approval systems with Power Automate Implement AI Builder's intelligent capabilities in your solutions Improve the UX of business apps to make them more appealing Find out how to use Power Apps with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Extend your business applications' capabilities using Power Apps Component FrameworkWho This Book Is For This book is for citizen developers and business users looking to build custom applications as per their organizations' needs without depending on developers. App developers who want to build applications in a rapid application development environment with increased productivity by saving time in comparison with traditional app development will also find this book useful. The book is recommended for Power Apps beginners who have taken a couple of online tutorials but are struggling to implement or create real-world solutions. Basic knowledge of Power Apps is necessary to get the best out of this cookbook.

Reviews Author: Eickhel Mendoza Pub Date: 2021 ISBN: 978-1800569553 Pages: 376 Language: English Format: EPUB/MOBI Size: 44 Mb Download. Practical recipes that go beyond official documentation to help you create custom ... Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook: Become a pro Power Apps maker by applying practical use cases to solve ever-evolving business challenges: Mendoza, Eickhel: Books 1 week ago Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook: Become a pro Power Apps builder by creating custom business applications with a low-code approach.

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