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???The biggest cleared area was my vegetable patch ... I ran and lay down and made a little tent over myself. I thought it would preserve the last of the oxygen. Under the blanket I could hear explosions -- the gas bottles from the houses further up, and I could just imagine all my neighbours dead up the road. The wind was roaring, the trees cracking: an awful lot of noise ... I thought I wasn???t going to survive.??? Peter Luke, Gaffneys Creek, Victoria ???The sky got darker again ... I started to think about the next day???s newspaper headlines: "Stupid thirty-eight-weeks pregnant woman drives into fire with toddler."??? Sonia Stanton, Canberra ???I looked down into where the houses were totally surrounded by a sea of flame and thought, well, that???s it, she???s all over. Everybody will be killed down there.??? John Hyles, Namadgi Ranges GREAT AUSTRALIAN BUSHFIRE STORIES is a collection of remarkable tales from all around Australia that tell of our country???s fiercest natural phenomenon: the bushfire. Farmers, landowners, firefighters and city dwellers share with ABC journalist Ian Mannix their experiences of fires: preparing for them, fighting them, and the heartbreak task of mopping up when even their best efforts failed. Some stories are funny, some tragic, many courageous, but all are a testimony to the ingenuity and grit of human beings as they fight to save their homes, their towns and, in some cases, their lives.

Some stories are funny, some tragic and some courageous but all the storytellers exhibit tenacity and grit in their fight to save their ... Great Australian Bushfire Stories book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

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