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Rachael Treasure
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After a terrible argument with her father over their family property, 'Waters Meeting', Rebecca Saunders throws her swag in the ute and heads north with her three dogs. A job as a jillaroo takes her into the rowdy world of B&S balls, Bundy rum and boys. When she at last settles down to a bit of study at agricultural college, her life is turned upside down by the very handsome but very drunken party animal Charlie Lewis . . . Will she choose a life of wheat farming on vast open plains with Charlie? Or will she return to the mountains, to fight for the land and the river that runs through her soul? It's only when tragedy shatters her world that Rebecca finds a strength and courage she never knew she had, in this action packed novel of adventure, dreams and determination.

Etymology: Blend of Jill + jackaroo. How to pronounce jillaroo? At Leconfield Jackaroo/ Jillaroo School, this means treating the horse with care and respect, reassuring it and showing it love with everything you do.

from Port Douglas; Introduction and a cup of tea on arrival at Black Mountain Hideaway; A lesson on Natural Horsemanship and safety guidelines; A grooming and saddling up lesson ; A riding lesson in the arena; followed by a 2 hour trailride ... The Jillaroo. July 23, 2013.