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Liam Houlihan
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Finally the Tony Mokbel story can be told.the inspiration for Channel Nine's FAt tONY & CO, thenew crime series from the producers of UNDERBELLY.An epic tale of family, crime and betrayal set against the backdrop of Melbourne's bullet-riddled suburbs. the cradle-to-cage story of how milk-bar owner tony Mokbel became the Mr Big of Melbourne's drug trade with tentacles reaching around Australia and the globe.Award-winning crime writer Liam Houlihan documents the extraordinary rise and fall of the man they call 'Fat tony', from his ascension through the drug trade to the decade-long and only-now-complete struggle to hold Mokbel to account for his crimes. Houlihan explores the criminal intrigue and political embarrassment arising from the daring and complex escape by public enemy number one - out from under the noses of the authorities - as well as the way wealthy criminals with access to smart lawyers are able to exploit the system and delay justice.Featuring exclusive interviews with top cops and Mokbel family members - and a cast of characters ranging from Zarah Garde-Wilson to Carl and Roberta Williams, Mick Gatto to Chopper Reed and Judy Moran - it's a stranger-than-fiction story of sex, pills, perfidy and pizza.

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