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Robert Larkins
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How can a funeral director charge $700 for a chipboard coffin worth only $80?Why are there moves afoot to re-use graves in cemeteries?Can we choose to be buried in a cardboard coffin?Australia's 'death-care' industry is worth a staggering $700 million a year, and despite the fact that each of us will one day have to deal with those in the 'dismal trade', few of us know how the business of dying really works. In Funeral Rights, Robert Larkins lifts the lid on what goes on inside the mortuary and behind the cemetery walls. Eye-opening, empowering and often darkly amusing, his book demystifies death, dispels popular myths about funerals, and shows us better ways of conducting our final acts of love.

Naturally, the basic structure remains the same, as do many aspects of the ritual. First, an introductory segment (OCF 235-242) Funeral industry code of conduct If you provide funeral services you must be aware of the laws that can affect your business.

On top of this, we developed a voluntary code of conduct with the Queensland Funeral Industry Reference Group. Funeral rites, especially processions and public eulogies, gave the family opportunity to publicly celebrate the life and deeds of the deceased, their ancestors, and their own standing in the community. Sometimes the political elite gave costly public feasts, games and popular entertainments after family funerals, to honour the departed and to maintain a high public profile and reputation for ... From a home vigil, burial, cremation and ceremony into ongoing bereavement care.