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Anna-Louise Bouvier, Jennifer Fleming
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21 days to feeling good 7 steps to easing aches and looking great.Is your back straight or shaped like a banana? Does your belly spread like lava, your neck poke out like a turtle's, your shoulders hang like a gorilla's and, worse, your buttocks droop like pikelets?Is that humungous headache from stress or something more serious? In times of stress do you vent your frustration, head for the bottle or battle on like a Black Knight? How are you feeling right now? Do you feel good? Or are you experiencing annoying niggles and aches, not feeling on top of your game - and perhaps horrified at the sight of your own reflection? Physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier and Jennifer Fleming, co-author of SPOtLESS, have developed the 21-day Feel Good Body program. this simple seven-step program will show you how to sit, stand, walk and breathe correctly, how to release tension that builds in your body and mind, and how to stay active and healthy at any age. Incorporating the latest research, tHE FEEL GOOD BODY is the must-have book to help you feel good - and look good too!

Black color Ribbed fabric Tank style How are you feeling right now? Do you feel good? Or is your neck a bit stiff, your lower back strained or your knee a bit dicky? How do you deal with stress? Do you vent your frustrations, internalise... The Feel Good Body close.

This bundle features the supercharged hydration of our Whipped Body Butter, the multi-purpose nourishment of our two-ingredient Coconut Melt and the invigorating escape of our Bath Bombs. It's a trio of tranquility for the skin and soul. At its core, the Feel Good Knees is a series of easy-to-learn routines to help men and women over 45 years old.