God, Actually

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Roy Williams
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GOD, ACTUALLY is a unique new book about Christianity. GOD ACTUALLY is a highly original and eclectic book about Christianity, covering a wide range of subjects. Williams doesn't preach to the converted or attempt to browbeat sceptics. Instead, he persuades using rational argument drawn from non-religious sources: physics, chemistry and biology; politics, history and sociology; music, novels, poetry and film.In part the book is a counter to the recent bestsellers by atheists like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, and shows that belief in Christianity can and should be based on logical deductions from known facts. It is not a matter of ignorant superstition or blind faith.

The words are very similar and there is a word play going on here to tell us what is going to ... In 2009, Roy Williams had an international best-seller with his book God, Actually, in which he took the fight to atheist campaigner Richard Dawkins. Now Williams has tackled the crisis of faith in Australia. God, Actually : Roy Williams : 9781854249203.

The book is good, actually. So, who is God, actually? These 6 points will hopefully give you a clearer perception of who God is. 1.