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Hugh Wirth
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From ABC Local Radio pet expert and president of RSPCA Victoria, Dr Hugh Wirth, comes this essential guide to keeping your cat happy, healthy and safe. For almost thirty years Dr Hugh Wirth has been an ABC Local Radio pet expert, answering listeners' questions on everything from how to deal with a cat's hunting instinct to the best way to clean their teeth. Whenever Dr Hugh is on the air, the switchboard becomes jammed with callers wanting his advice on their particular pet dilemma. In this practical, commonsense book on living with and caring for cats, Hugh covers all the topics that cat owners need to know, from choosing a breed to behaviour and health. the book also includes an extensive Q&A section, based on ABC Local Radio listener questions.

More info: Facebook. Our daily lives are very fun because we live with 4 cats.

Cancel Reply ... In one of the many health benefits of living with a cat as a pet, it helps cortisol levels in your body to be inhibited. This chemical is produced due to stress.