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Dr. Vincent Verret
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Master the material and ace any assignment with this innovative study guide series. This book is perfect for both students and teachers, as it produces true mastery of content knowledge and book details. Other study guides simply give basic details of the novel, meaning that students read over material without digesting or learning it. Other study guides take complex themes, concepts, and information and just regurgitate it to readers. This Study Guide series is different. Using the original text as a guide, you will learn to cite evidence from the text in order to complete and reflect on your reading. Designed under the guidance of an experienced and credentialed instructor, this study guide series GUIDES the learner to discovering the answers for themselves, creating a fully detailed study guide, in the user's own words. Filled with guided reading activities, students are able to fill this guidebook with their own information. If you read it, write it, and reflect on it, you will learn it! Teachers, you can also purchase a set of these books (or one book and make copies) for your entire class. It makes the perfect guided reading activity and will teach students how to internalize the reading, note taking, and learning process that advanced readers naturally perform. These make the perfect workbook to keep your class engaged and learning.

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