A Tale of Two Lovers

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Maya Rodale
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An incredible new talent, Maya Rodale continues her deliciously exciting “Writing Girls” historical romance series with A Tale of Two Lovers. Fans of the bestselling romance of Laura Lee Guhrke and Suzanne Enoch will adore this Regency Era-set love story from one of the most exciting members of the new generation of romantic fiction writers. A Tale of Two Lovers is a wonder, chronicling the deliciously passionate twists and turns that ensue when The London Weekly’s fearless gossip columnist, the “Lady of Distinction,” ruins her reputation by slandering the notorious Lord Roxbury, leaving them both no recourse except marriage…to each other!

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It is one of the earliest examples of an epistolary novel, full of erotic imagery. A Tale of Two Lovers (The Writing Girls #2)(46) by Maya Rodale Later, as dusk was falling and Julianna nestled against her husband, she thought that if the Man About Town could see them now, he'd definitely put his money on their marriage being a love match. Chapter 45 A tale of two lovers (or three, or four): the truth about polyamory At 19, Emer O'Toole had a boyfriend and a girlfriend - but no word for the arrangement.