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An accessible guide to teaching your children how to live free and happy lives A special combined edition of the highly acclaimed bestsellers tHE SECREtS OF HAPPY CHILDREN and MORE SECREtS OF HAPPY CHILDREN. Both titles have been revised and updated. In tHE SECREtS OF HAPPY CHILDREN you will discover what's really happening inside kids' minds, and what to do about it. And you will find out how to be a stronger, more loving, more definite and more relaxed parent. You'll learn how to let go of old, negative approaches, and free up more energy to enjoy your kids and your life. MORE SECREtS OF HAPPY CHILDREN tackles other important concerns of parents today such as: how to help toddlers and children feel secure and settled; discipline methods that work (without hitting or yelling); making sure your love gets through; being the best kind of dad; and the childcare dilemma.

Steve Biddulph (Author), Sharon Biddulph (Author) 4.6 out of 5 stars 58 ratings. From the author of ... Buy The Complete Secrets of Happy Children: A Guide for Parents Thorsons Classics edition by Biddulph, Steve, Biddulph, Shaaron (ISBN: 9780007161744) from Amazon's Book Store.

Combined edition of The Secrets of Happy Children and More Secrets of Happy ... More Secrets of Happy Children tackles the important concerns of parents in the nineties, with inspirational ideas and clues for daytoday living with children. As counsellors, educators and parents, Steve and Sharon Biddulph have worked with families for over twenty years, and have talked with thousands of parents about what works.