The Secret Life of Lady Julia

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Lecia Cornwall
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When star-crossed lovers reunite under strange circumstances in Regency England, will they be brave enough to take a second chance at love?The Secret Life of Lady Julia is Lecia Cornwall’s seductive follow-up to her debut historical romance, How to Deceive a Duke.Lady Julia Leighton is engaged to a long-time family friend who doesn’t spark her passion, and at her betrothal ball she meets a seductive stranger who steals hot kisses—and much more—from the beautiful innocent.Thomas Merritt is a thief of women’s hearts, and their expensive jewels. His steamy encounter with Lady Julia unexpectedly has him rethinking his wicked ways, but in the end, Thomas flees temptation.When their paths cross years later, Julia has a secret she’s desperate to bury and Thomas is hiding something dangerous, but he needs her help to set things right. Can two lovers with dark pasts overcome their tangled history and rekindle their former love?

Thomas Merritt is a thief of women's hearts, and their ... Buy The Secret Life of Lady Julia (The Temberlay) from Seduction is the sweetest secret .

The Secret Life Of Lady Julia (750×1050) W hen she looked back on the events of her betrothal ball, Lady Julia Leighton blamed it on the champagne. Or perhaps it was the heady scent of the roses.