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Craig Bellamy, Matt Marshall
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Craig Bellamy is no ordinary coach. He has a remarkable win-loss record in his ten years with Melbourne Storm, but when he led his team through a season of scandal and turmoil, winning games while playing for no points, he gained national respect. For the first time, the legendary coach reveals his thoughts on subjects such as leadership, management, character, adversity, courage, teamwork, success and failure, by sharing his personal experiences. Known as a straight shooter and a man of great integrity, Bellamy knows how to bring out the best in people - he has created an enviable club culture. He's fair, generous, candid about his own shortcomings, and persuasive in his opinions about how best to achieve your goals and be successful. His philosophies rest on the pillars of humility, loyalty and discipline - values that stand the test of time. Anyone who works in a team or who wants to get the most out of themselves will benefit from this inspirational book - it's about making your own game plan for life. 'An excellent bloke, and excellent coach.Craig is a man of his word.He has great integrity: he is honest, loyal, humble and extremel hardworking.His are exceptional values.'Wayne Bennett 'A really good test of a leader is what happens when things are tough.During the salary cap drama in 2010 - that was Craig's defining moment . . . He demands and expects the very best out of himself, his staff and his players.I admire what Craig has been able to do.'Paul Roos 'Craig has a phenomenal work ethic and attention to detail: it is unrivaled.He doesn't leave any stone unturned . . . What he's done to continually rebuild the Storm has been exceptional.'Darren Lockyer 'Craig Bellamy stands right alongside Jack Gibson and the great coaches in our game's history.'Phil Gould 'The man makes the coach.'Laurie Daley 'As a coach, he just tells it how it is.For some people this can be confronting, but they learn he does it for all the right reasons.'Cameron Smith

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