Layla, Queen of Hearts

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Glenda Millard, Stephen Michael King (Illustrator)
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A follow-up to the award-winning THE NAMING OF TISHKIN SILK, this is a gentle, moving novel about friendship, old age, loss, and the power of love. A friend like Layla comes along once in a lifetime, and Griffin Silk knows this with all his heart. Griffin's daddy used to say that Layla had been sent to comfort them after tishkin went away; 'like an arm about their shoulders, a candle in the dark or like golden syrup dumplings for the soul'. When Senior Citizen's Day is announced at school, Layla wishes for someone special to take. It is then that the intriguing Miss Amelie comes into their life. through their new friendship, Layla and Griffin learn the importance of memories, generosity of spirit, and of small miracles that warm the heart. the Naming of tishkin Silk was shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Literary Awards and was an Honour book in the CBCA Children's Book of the Year Awards. Layla, Queen of Hearts continues the story of these memorable characters.

Layla, Queen of Hearts ... Where there is an unspoken understanding - a whisper between hearts - a knowing. That is who Layla, The Queen of Hearts is to the Silk Family.

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