The Hot Belly Diet

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Suhas G. Kshirsagar, Kristin Loberg
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From an internationally recognized physician who combines Eastern and Western medicine, a groundbreaking diet and total body health plan centered on digestive balance and metabolic transformation.The complaints that Dr. Suhas hears on a daily basis, from high body weight, low energy, and poor sleep, to headaches, unexplained congestion, and depression, all have a surprising common denominator: a weak digestive “fire.” Drawing on traditional Indian practices and principles, The Hot Belly Diet shows you how to optimize your digestive powers to foster rapid weight loss and vibrant health. At the core of this three-phase diet that makes lunch the most important meal of the day is a dish called khichadi (pronounced kitch-a-de)—a completely nutritious but incredibly easy-to-make meal that helps clear out your “ama,” or the digestive sludge that antagonizes weight loss, provokes hormonal imbalances, and ultimately triggers inflammation—the root cause of virtually all disease. This unique book also explains what foods are incompatible (milk and eggs, for example), why the sensation of hunger is essential, and how to time your meals throughout the day to avoid snacking. The Hot Belly Diet changes your relationship with food to make healthy eating—and living—effortless. Whether you’re suffering from a chronic condition, looking to prevent future illness, or just want to feel your best every day, The Hot Belly Diet will re-establish your body’s natural balance, creating a thinner, healthier, and happier you.

Suhas translates ancient self-healing practices into convenient daily actions—igniting our innate power to transform our bodies, our habits, our outlook." Thomas Yarema "Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar has an extraordinary ability to share ... "The Hot Belly Diet reveals many Ayurveda secrets for lasting weight loss that are designed to fix a broken metabolism, unleash one's slimmest self, and achieve vibrant health.

When she came to see me, she was hoping I'd give her a secret formula for revving up her metabolism and ... The Hot Belly Diet: A 30-Day Ayurvedic Plan to Reset Your Metabolism, Lose Weight, and Restore Your Body's Natural Balance to Heal Itself by Suhas G. Kshirsagar Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Hot Belly Diet: A 30-Day Ayurvedic Plan to Reset Your Metabolism, Lose Weight, and Restore Your Body's Natural Balance to Heal Itself: Kshirsagar, Suhas G ... The objective of the Hot Belly Diet is to rekindle your digestive fire and Khichadi is the core substantive dish of this 30-day diet.