At First Sight

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Catherine Hapka
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In At First Sight, when Lauren meets the perfect guy at the planetarium, she feels like the stars have finally aligned in her favor. The only problem is she met him in the dark and they never got a good look at each other… or got each other’s names. Now, Lauren must take matters into her own hands and find the mystery guy before she loses him forever.

Theres just one catch, theyll meet for the first time on their wedding day. Three relationship experts are leading this radical experiment.

Not only does the 'gram give an insight into what the brides and grooms are like before making it onto our screens, it's highly likely to be the source of much drama to come. at first sight used to describe your first impression of someone or something, usually to indicate that this first impression was wrong or incomplete Nothing is ever quite as good or quite as bad as it looks at first sight. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary. See Also: Married at First Sight: Nine announces sponsors for latest season.