The Bielski Brothers

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Larry Slawson
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This book explores the lives and legacy of the Bielski Brothers during World War Two, and their efforts to save nearly 1,200 Jews from Nazi persecution in Eastern Europe.

It had been the home of the Bielski family for three generations. Tuvia, Asael, and Zus Bielski Establish a Partisan Group After the Germans killed their parents and two brothers in the Nowogrodek ghetto in December 1941, three surviving brothers of the Bielski family— Tuvia (1906-1987), Asael (1908-1945), and Zus (1910-1995)—established a partisan group. The story of the Bielski brigade—led by the brothers—that fought Nazis and other pro-German forces while rescuing escapees from their grips has been written about over the years in a number of books, as well as portrayed in the 2008 feature film "Defiance," starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber (George MacKay played Aron). The brothers - Tuvis, Zus and Aasel were to lose their parents and siblings to the cruelty of the Nazis, which began with the creation of ghettos and led on to mass slaughters such as one in which 5,500 people were herded to the outskirts of Lida and machine-gunned into large trenches. There were three trenches for children. The Bielski brothers reported to Soviet authorities that their group included 1,140 Jews and that their partisan operations had killed a total of 381 enemy fighters.

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