True Professionalism

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David H. Maister, Robert Galford, Charles Green
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Are some technically competent professionals who work hard and long hours 'true professionals' or are they just cruisers? In this deeply illuminating call to arms, David Maister, the world's premier consultant to professional service firms, vigorously challenges individuals to examine closely the meaning of their work and reach beyond their grasp. The pursuit of the highest standards, Maister argues, is the primary road to commercial success. He presents a visionary reconception of professionalism that encompasses a lifelong dedication to self-improvement, a personal commitment to excellence, and a true spirit of service to clients. Looking first at the individual professional, Maister dares those good corporate citizens who 'do their duty' to discover what they truly love to do. Turning to the institution, Maister focuses on what he calls the 'instability' of professional service firms today, and offers advice on how to invest in skill building. David Maister's message is a recipe for success and for professional satisfaction making TRUE PROFESSIONALISM a worthy successor to his previous writings.

David Maister, the world’s premier consultant to professional service firms, vigorously challenges professionals to examine this essential, yet under-addressed question: What is true professionalism? Professional firms are forever trying to get their people to act like professionals to do the right things. Though their various incentives may create ... (ebook) True Professionalism (9781471108518) from Dymocks online store.

When we visit a doctor, hail a cab, go out to dinner, or hire an electrician, we always appreciate engaging a "pro," who is well trained, has experience, and will deliver a great outcome. In this video, we'll look at six key attributes that identify and define you as a true professional. First of all, professionals have specialized knowledge.