Ready, Set, Grow!

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Lynda Madaras, Linda Davick
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Ready, Set, Grow!Young girls before the onset ofpuberty have a curiosity abouttheir soon-to-be changing bodiesthat needs addressing in a simplerway than for their older sisters. InMadaras’s proven, trust-worthy,friendly voice and style, this entirelynew book now brings them thesame kind of thoughtful, down-toearthinformation—but at a readingand comprehension level that’sjust right for them.Responding throughout to reallifequestions and observationsfrom younger girls, Madarasexplores the changes that arehappening, or about to happen, tothem, including: the developmentof breasts, body hair, and bodyfat; the changes in their reproductiveorgans, both inside and out;their first period and all the complexfeelings surrounding it; theunwelcome appearance of acneand new body odors; and, perhapsmost important, how to respectand celebrate their unique bodies,even when the outside world isnot always so accepting.Lively cartoon drawings throughoutmake the book not only helpful,but fun to read, too.

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