Due Preparations for the Plague

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Janette Turner Hospital
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A taut and confronting novel that propels us into the chaos of terror and the cruelty - and unexpected hope - of survival.Lowell tries not to think about the past, about the hijacking that killed his mother. Samantha, on the other hand, cannot let go. As a child she survived the hijacking of Air France 64, and as an adult she obsessively digs for answers, seeking a man called Salamander whom she believes holds key information.It is the death of Lowell's father, and his legacy of a blue sports bag crammed with documents and videotapes, that finally brings Lowell and Samantha together and unravels the interconnections between victims and perpetrators, saved and damned.But in this murky world of endless aliases and surveillance, who can be trusted? When does the quest for truth become a dangerous obsession? And what difference can the truth make?Janette Turner Hospital has crafted a taut and confronting novel that propels us into the chaos of terror and the cruelty - and unexpected hope - of survival.'A writer of many gifts ... intense, lyrical ... [a] sophisticated thriller' - Publishers Weekly'taut and well paced ... a political espionage thriller with existential underpinnings' - Sydney Morning Herald'A dark and disturbing tale that will appeal to conspiracy theorists' - Herald Sun'Hospital is a poet of paranoia, and this book could do for the post-September 11 era what John le Carre did for the Cold War.' - New York Time OutAbout the AuthorBorn in 1942, Janette Turner Hospital grew up on the steamy sub-tropical coast of Australia in the north-eastern state of Queensland. She began her teaching career in remote Queensland high schools, but since her graduate studies she has taught in universities in Australia, Canada, England, France and the United States.

Angus & Robertson Release Date: January 1, 2014; Imprint: Angus & Robertson; ISBN: 9781460701737; Language: English ... Janette Turner Hospital. Due Preparations for the Plague.

Lowell's life is still tormented by her death. Due Preparations for the Plague won the Queensland Premier′s Literary Award in 2003, the Davitt Award from Sisters in Crime for "best crime novel of the year by an Australian woman", and was shortlisted for the Christina Stead Award. Due Preparations for the Plague: A Novel by Janette Turner Hospital (Paperback, 2004) Be the first to write a review. Write a review - (ebook) Due Preparations for the Plague Short description Your review Rate this book SUBMIT Estimated Delivery Standard Delivery: Between 24 Feb - 10 Mar Express Delivery: Between 23 Feb - 26 Feb Standard Delivery: Between 1 Mar - 12 Mar Express ... Due Preparations embodies epidemic theory at its moment of transformation in the eighteenth century by conceiving of plague as both corporeal and spiritual phenomena. The plot of Janette Turner Hospital's latest novel, Due Preparations for the Plague, deals with some of those events and issues that humanity is presently striving to understand: terrorism, unlawful or unethical political dealings, and religious fanaticism, to mention but a few. The novel unravels these polemical Due Preparations for the Plague By Janette Turner Hospital HarperCollins, 380pp, $29.95 Janette Turner Hospital either has a remarkable knack for timing or she keeps her ear so close to the ground she reads the seismic tremors of world events through her fiction before they have run their full course. Due Preparations for the Plague reads for the most part like a continuation of the more famous Journal of the Plague Year .