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Blair Babylon
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Prince Maxence of Monaco is my knight in shining armor. Ever since I ran up to him in the middle of the Monte Carlo casino and whispered, "Save me," we've on the run from my mafia ex-husband and his killers. But now the palace and the police have realized he's missing. They'll never find us because Maxence loves to rescue fair maidens, and I'm in the worst danger a woman can be in.**It's not good to be the prince when the throne is up for grabs.****Prince Casimir and Lord Arthur ARE BACK** in this high-suspense romantic thriller with private planes, limousines, and superyachts as they try to find Prince Maxence before his older brother Pierre finds him, because Pierre has sent commandos to kill Max before.***With the throne of Monaco in play, you play the game of crowns to win or you die, and Max is in real danger.***"Holy Maxence! Max hotness! Max suspense! Max everything! Follow your favorite book boyfriends Casimir and Arthur as they try to figure out WHAT the hell happened to Maxence in Monaco, with all the opulence and lavish lifestyle you'd expect from Blair Babylon's Runaway Billionaires. This series starter is hot, hot, hot!" USA Today bestselling romance author JJ Knight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Blair!! LOVED it! A fun, sexy, fast-paced read that had me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happened that night!" ~ Pippa Grant, USA Today Bestselling Author ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What I love about Blair Babylon books is the worlds she creates, and One Night in Monaco is no exception. Luxury, power, wealth - all of it beyond your dreams - is a backdrop for our very human, very vulnerable, and often extremely alpha characters who show us how uniquely human we all are - but Maxence? He's one of a kind. And hot. Whooooo boy. - New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Addictively entertaining and full of escapist goodness, this stylish page-turner left me breathless and begging for more!" ~New York Times bestselling author Annika Martin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

But too many people in Monaco think he might be a danger to them. He never ... One Night in Monaco (A Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence Prequel) This was an absolutely delicious first dip into the World of Maxence Grimaldi, potential heir to the Principality of Monaco!😍 His best friends, since they started at Le Rosey Boarding School, at 5 & 6 years old, get calls in the middle of the night to be informed Max is missing. Casino Royale: One Night in Monaco In September, we created a very special bespoke tablescape for a Sweet Sixteenth celebration.

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