Murder On Mustique

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Anne Glenconner
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A storm. A disappearance. A race against time... Mustique is in a state of breathless calm as tropical storm Cristobal edges towards it across the Atlantic. Most villa owners have escaped the island but a few young socialites remain, unwilling to let summer's partying end. American heiress Amanda Fortini is one such thrill-seeker - until she heads out for a morning swim and doesn't return. Detective Sergeant Samuel Wilton is just 28 years old and the island's only fully trained police officer. He quickly realises he needs to contact Lord and Lady Innerleithen, who bought the island decades ago and have invested time, money and love creating a paradise. Jasper is in St Lucia designing a new village of luxury villas but Lady Veronica (Vee to her friends) catches a plane immediately. Her beloved god-daughter, Lily, is on the island and this disappearance has alarming echoes of what happened to Lily's mother many years ago. Lady Vee would never desert a friend in need, and she can keep a cool head in a crisis. When Amanda's body is found, a murder investigation begins. Wilton knows the killer must be an islander because flights and ferry crossings have stopped due to the storm warning, but the local community isn't co-operating. And then the storm hits, and someone else disappears ...

Delivery options: Shipping to an Australian address; When will my book be ... Warm, witty, surprising and endlessly entertaining, Murder on Mustique draws on Lady Glenconner's wealth of knowledge about the island and love of storytelling to create a gripping murder mystery. It delivers perfect escapism! Reviews for Murder On Mustique.

It delivers perfect escapism! Title: Murder On Mustique; Author: Anne Glenconner; Edition: 1; Publisher: Hachette Australia; ISBN: 9781529336351; Format: PaperBack; Category: General Fiction; Publication Date: 10/11/2020; Pages: 352; RATINGS & REVIEW. Goodreads reviews for Murder On Mustique.