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Is your child a fussy eater? Do you struggle to convince them that healthy is best? Do you wage a daily war against the marketing machines of big fast food corporations? Then you NEED this book! This is the one-stop food manual for parents. With just a few simple rules to follow, any parent, no matter how busy and stressed they may be, can provide healthy food for their family day after day, and have more time left over, not less. HEALTHY FAMILY, HAPPY FAMILY shows you how to cook quick and delicious meals. You also prepare many of them in bulk so you dont have to cook every night. It also teaches you how to 'market' healthy food to fussy kids so that they choose vegies over KFC! The book includes over 100 recipes as well as weekly menus and detailed shopping lists. These are the keys to saving time and money. Specialised recipes cover lunchbox options, vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free, parties and picnics. Karen Fischer is a nutritionist; in her professional practice she has treated everyone from babies to grandmothers. Karen also writes health columns for various Australian publications and does voluntary health and nutrition talks at high schools around the country. As a mother of two, she knows what its like to deal with fussy eaters and has successfully developed a range of healthy and delicious meals that the whole family enjoys. Karens first book, THE HEALTHY SKIN DIET, is a bestseller and was winner of the 2008 Australian Food Media Award for Best Health, Nutrition or Specific Diet book.

Happy Family is a video series that explores advise, tips, and recommendations from various couples on how to live a happy family life. The couples interviewed are in various stages of their relationship and are asked to answer questions regarding a variety of topics, including: love, communication, conflict resolution ... Build a happy and healthy family with our important tips on family health, children's education, fitness and nutrition, home life, and happy family adventures. Healthy Family, Happy Family: The Complete Healthy Guide to Feeding Your Family Paperback - Large Print, December 28, 2012 by Karen Fischer (Author) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating Setting healthy eating and physical activity habits today can set kids up to be happier and healthier in the future.

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