Where My Heart Used to Beat

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Sebastian Faulks
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A haunting tale of war, love and loss from the author of Birdsong and A Week in DecemberThe Sunday Times bestsellerOn a small island off the south coast of France, Robert Hendricks - an English doctor who has seen the best and the worst the twentieth century had to offer - is forced to confront the events that made up his life. His host is Alexander Pereira, a man who seems to know more about his guest than Hendricks himself does. The search for the past takes us through the war in Italy in 1944, a passionate love that seems to hold out hope, the great days of idealistic work in the 1960s and finally - unforgettably - back into the trenches of the Western Front.This moving novel casts a long, baleful light over the century we have left behind but may never fully understand. Daring, ambitious and in the end profoundly moving, this is Faulks's most remarkable book yet.

He also authored a James Bond continuation novel and a continuation of P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves series. While the past tense of the title where my heart used to beat hints at multiple meanings, the strongest message Faulks evokes is that, despite believing that emotions are purely physical, the title constantly reminds us of Robert's mistake; the beating of his heart means nothing, may as well not really beat at all, unless he accepts that his life is and means more than just the physical beating of his heart. To order Where My Heart Used to Beat for £14.99 (RRP £20) go to bookshop.theguardian.com or call 0330 333 6846.

Faulks is a British novelist, journalist and broadcaster, best known for his historical novels. He also authored a James Bond continuation novel and a continuation of P.G.