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Travis Winks
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A true story about the devastating impacts of mental illness and domestic violence that saw one family self-destruct in just 67 harrowing days.Told through the eyes of a hurting brother and son, this tragic story follows three family members through a series of decisions that bring the family together and then tear them apart. Almost every family has a tumultuous chapter and this story is about the real impact mental illness and domestic violence can have. The consequences are not only catastrophic for sufferers, but also for those who love them.Travis tells his story with rawness and honesty, but also with hope and humour.About the AuthorTravis Winks is a radio presenter and broadcast journalist. With a background in sports journalism he has covered some of the biggest events on the planet. What he went through with his family changed him forever. He has written this book to inspire readers to look at their lives differently.

In order to be allowed to access, at least one player in the group must have the Shattered Halls Key to open the door ... There is nothing 'historical' about my shattered life: a child sex abuse survivor tells her story 50 years later By Genevieve Milton March 3, 2021 — 7.29pm Shattered is a brilliantly constructed romantic thriller that I devoured in a single sitting. I was quite weary of reading this book after I read the blurb.

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