The Relationship is the Project

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Jade Lillie
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edited by Jade Lillie, with Kate Larsen, Cara Kirkwood and Jax Jacki Brown A brilliant new 'right now' resource that aims to assist emerging practitioners, artists and cultural workers better engage with community-based projects. The breadth of the advice shared in this non-academic, practitioner-led book includes insights into the ethics and logistics of working in community contexts - from collaboration and leadership to platforming and duty of care. Featuring 20 curated chapters from thought-leaders across the arts, cultural and community sectors, this unique publication is a must-have resource for community-engaged practice. Contributors include Genevieve Grieves about working in First Nations contexts; Caroline Bowditch on access and disability; Dianne Jones, Odette Kelada and Lilly Brown on racial literacy; Ruth De Souza and Robyn Higgins on cultural safety in the arts; as well as Esther Anatolitis, Adolfo Aranjuez, Paschal Berry, Lenine Bourke, Tania Canas, Rosie Dennis, Alia Gabres, Eleanor Jackson, Samuel Kanaan-Oringo, Fotis Kapetopoulos, Kate Larsen, Lia Pa'apa'a, Anna Reece, Daniel Santangeli, and Jade Lillie herself.

► Developing a good relationship may help to address performance problems. ► Relationship management has more effect on cost than on time and quality performance.

► Relationship management in project environments has received an increasing attention. Accordingly, relationship management is a critical success factor along the way. We are attuned to the demands of project relationships (internal and external) and have developed a responsive client relationship management model.