Beneath a Black Sun

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Pat Baskett
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This unconventional war story alternates between the Solomon Islands, where Tom is liaison officer with the coastwatchers, and rural New Zealand where he returns after World War II. Annie, his younger sister, is cheerful, talented, but her actions contribute to his downfall. A critique of war, a post-colonial view of race relations and an account of post-traumatic stress are embedded here.

It first appeared in Nazi Germany as a design element in a castle at Wewelsburg remodeled and ... Black Sun, the first book in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy, is FANTASTIC. "A god will return When the earth and sky converge Under the black sun" On the continent of Meridian lies the holy city of Tova, home to the Watchers and the Sky Made clans, where celebrations for the Beneath a Ruthless Sun is the story of Jesse Daniels, who in 1950s rural Florida finds himself accused of the rape of a prominent local woman.

The city of Coruscant, once the glittering pearl of the Republic, now languishes under the shadow of the Galactic Empire. A bustling black market flourishes in the underworld, controlled by the notorious crime syndicate Black Sun.