Rethinking Parkinson's Disease

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John C Coleman
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John Coleman was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease while studying to be a naturopath, and banished all the frustrating symptoms of this cruel condition from his body ... naturally! His new book equips those diagnosed with the knowledge needed to reverse their Parkinson's disease symptoms and even recover, using completely natural means. Rethinking Parkinson's Disease traces known pathways leading to a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, together with strategies to reverse each pathway. It includes the best evidence from Western allopathic medicine and complementary/alternative medicine in discovering how and why people with Parkinson's develop symptoms, the diagnostic process, standard treatments and prognoses offered by expert practitioners, and ongoing research. The book presents strategies that have been shown, clinically or in research, to improve the health of people with Parkinson's, with the possibility of reversing symptoms. A major section of this work details strategies to create wellness, many available to patients at little or no cost. There are sections on symptom control, complementary medical treatments and therapies to avoid. The book is aimed primarily at people with Parkinson's, families and supporters, and may be used as a self-help book, including advice on building a team of supportive practitioners. There are also suggestions and advice for both Western allopathic medicine and complementary/alternative medicine practitioners to enhance their care of patients with a Parkinson's disease diagnosis, so it may be used as a handbook for practitioners wishing to move away from the standard conservative view of Parkinson's disease as an "incurable" disease.

This is the replay of my interview with John on Parkinsons Recovery radio last Saturday Rethinking Parkinson's Disease: The definitive guide to the known causes of Parkinson's disease and proven reversal strategies John C Coleman. Format.

Learn why it's so hard to predict and how its symptoms may change over time. RETHINKING PARKINSON'S DISEASE MOVING FORWARD • The production of my new book is moving rapidly towards completion. • The cover is finalised and book design is under way.