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Sue Spence
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Sue Spence is a gifted horsewoman, who has made it her life's work to use her horse whispering skills to help humans heal. All her life, Sue has found solace and companionship with her horses. After a brush with cancer in her late thirties, Sue and her husband opted for a tree change. As a result, she was able to fulfil a long-held dream: to work with horses every day. Her horse training and compassion for others quickly turned into a business, Horses Helping Humans TM -giving people a chance to learn from these intelligent, soulful creatures, including Sunny, the horse with whom Sue has a special bond. Horses Who Heal is the story of one woman's deep love for horses and the powerful life lessons they've taught her along the way. With Sunny always by her side, Sue's equine team are inspiring others on their own journey of healing, helping thousands of people - from juvenile offenders to company CEOs - discover the power of communicating, using more than just words.

Connecting from the heart. Pictured with Bo when learning Equine Reiki.

Save with! Horses For Heroes started out as a program that used horses in physical therapy for veterans who had lost the use of their limbs or the limbs themselves. Over time, however, the therapists noticed that the horse-human connection was also having a dramatic impact in healing the emotional wounds of many of the soldiers.