Always and Forever

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Cathy Kelly
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A Cathy Kelly classic - full of her trademark warmth and wit from the No. 1 bestselling author.Fairy godmothers do exist, even in the tranquil hills of Ireland...Once upon a time, in the beautiful town of Carrickwell, lived three women whose lives were mapped out: Ambitious Mel would have her career and her family; caring Daisy a child with the boyfriend who is everything to her; and hot-headed Cleo would finish her degree and step into the family hotel business.Until the landscape shifted and it all came tumbling down.But Carrickwell, nestled in the shadows of Mount Carraig, is an ancient, magical place. And when Leah, a woman with her own secret turmoil, opens the Clouds Hill spa, Mel, Daisy and Cleo are thrown together - and find the courage to discover what really matters to them, always and forever...

It's not an easy... Diminishing returns have set in for this trilogy, but To All the Boys: Always and Forever has just enough of the original's effervescent charm to serve as a worthy conclusion. In "To All The Boys: Always and Forever," we follow Lara Jean and Peter's relationship through senior year and to college, with all its ups and downs. In the pursuit of fleshing out what ... The secrets of their past are coming back to haunt them and this deadly nightmare is just beginning for the girls who long ago pledged their loyalty "always and forever." Rating: The indie rock band gives their take on the original To All the Boys: Always and Forever track.

Nicole knows this can't be a coincidence. The secrets of their past are coming back to haunt them. Directed by Kevin Connor.