Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

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Ao Jyumonji
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With great sacrifice, the Arabakia Kingdom Expeditionary Force succeeded in retaking Alterna, but Haruhiro finds himself crushed under the weight of what he's lost. The ambitious General Jin Mogis of the Expeditionary Force, the survivors of the Volunteer Soldier Corps, and the mysterious residents of the Forbidden Tower. In the middle of these different factions, each with their own goals, Haruhiro's party has one of their own members taken hostage, and are forced to go on a dangerous mission. Incredibly, their goal is... an alliance with the goblins?! As the team struggles, unable to find a way out, the man who once shared their joys and sorrows, but was forced to go down a different path, reappears! Now that Haruhiro and his party have lost their memory once more, the bonds they formed in Grimgar will become their strength.

Now, with no priest and little hope for the future, the Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash has plenty of action and beautiful artwork, but what really drew fans to the show was the surprisingly deep story character development. The show could be a slow burn at times, which made for a nice contrast to more action heavy anime shows.

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