Earthly Delights

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Kerry Greenwood
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Baking is an alchemical process for Corinna Chapman. At four am she starts work at Earthly Delights, her bakery in Calico Alley. But one morning Corinna receives a threatening note saying 'The wages of sin is death' and finds a syringe in her cat's paw. A blue-faced junkie has collapsed in the dark alley and a mysterious man with beautiful eyes appears with a plan for Corinna and her bread. Then it is Goths, dead drug addicts, witchcraft, a homeless boy and a missing girl and it seems she will never get those muffins cooked in time. With flair, chutzpah and a talent for kneading, Corinna Chapman will find out who exactly is threatening her life and bake some beautiful bread. 'Greenwood provides us with lavish helpings of the ingredients essential to good popular fiction: food, frocks, furnishings and some essential frolicks beneath the sheets' - Sydney Morning Herald on Murder in Montparnasse

By 2015, Earthly Delights Bakery was thriving. I was baking healthy goodies from my home, shipping them throughout Canada, as well as selling them in a popular café in town, and in the local fitness center. "A gem of a cafe where the owners truly care about serving healthy food.

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