A Year of Taking Chances

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Jennifer Bohnet
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'Utterly enjoyable from beginning to end!' Being Unique Books Life is about to change forever... When best friends, Tina and Jodie, make a drunken New Year's Eve vow to change their lives before they hit the big 3 - 0, neither expected to end the year with much more than another hangover... Twelve months later, Jodie is married and living in Provence - and Tina is exactly where she was a year ago (although now her rent is double). Tina can't help but feel a little bit left behind, but as Jodie reminds her, she's not thirty yet, there's still time to quit her job, start her own literary agency and sign the man of her dreams! Don't miss the new gorgeously uplifting holiday romance from bestselling author Jennifer Bohnet. Praise for A Year of Taking Chances: 'A must-read!' Anita Tarrant (NetGalley reviewer) 'There are no words to justify how beautiful this book is. I loved every minute!' Karen Whittard (NetGalley reviewer) 'Utterly enjoyable from beginning to end!' Being Unique Books 'Fabulous!' Lianne James (NetGalley reviewer) 'Amazing...I couldn't put it down.' Nicola Clough (NetGalley reviewer) 'Well-written and engaging... [it] made me laugh and cry!' Harriet Salkeld (NetGalley reviewer)

However, with no love life to speak of, Tina has ... 'The Year of Taking Chances' is about pushing boundaries, taking risks, bravery and having the self confidence and determination to embrace the curve balls life is destined to throw at these three plucky ladies. It's about friendship, romance and new beginnings.

It was funny and light hearted story. Both girls were kind hearted and they deserved their happiness.